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The Mentoring Program partners professional women, between the ages of 22 and 35, with experienced professional women who espouse and exemplify the ideals of the Institute

Description of the Program

The Murray Hill Institute-TX Mentoring Program partners professional women in the first years of their career with experienced professional women who espouse and exemplify the mission of the Institute.  The MHI-TX Mentoring Program aims at helping women integrate ethical standards into their personal and professional lives while affirming them in the unique role they play in promoting a more just and harmonious workplace.

Mentoring can be formal and one-on-one, or informal and in group.  The program supplements any mentoring that takes place in the workplace.

  • Formal and one-on-one mentoring:  Mentees are matched with a mentor.  Both parties agree on a time, place and frequency of meetings.  The mentoring relationship is intended to help with short-term issues and normally does not continue beyond a year.

  • Informal and in group mentoring:  Evenings of Conversation for young professional women are scheduled regularly.  In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, experienced professionals share their knowledge and experience about topics relevant to women in the workplace.  These Evenings provide ample networking opportunities.

Benefits of Program

  • Receive advice on work-life balance and other workplace issues.

  • Discuss career changes with someone who is more experienced.

  • Build self-confidence as a person and a professional.

  • Work with a mentor outside of your own place of employment.

  • Receive guidance and support to make positive changes in the workplace.

  • Opportunities for peer networking.

Responsibilities of Mentors, Mentees and Murray Hill Institute-TX

Mentors will:

  • Offer advice, drawing from personal experience and professional expertise.

  • Foster excellence in one’s work, making it meaningful and building a positive environment.

  • Share experience on managing workload and balancing work personal enrichment and family responsibilities.

  • Provide advice and encouragement on career decisions.

  • Provide information about issues relevant to one’s particular field.

  • Participate in MHI seminars for mentors as they are able.

Mentees will:

  • Articulate expectations of the mentoring partnership

  • Ask for and be open to feedback.

  • Discuss progress of advice received.

  • Assume responsibility for one’s own development.

Murray Hill Institute-TX will:

  • Match mentees with suitable mentors.

  • Conduct ongoing evaluation of the program.

  • Provide resources for mentors and mentees that can enhance the mentoring partnership and contribute to the personal development of both parties.

Application process:

  • If you would like to be a Mentee, click here to download an application form.

  • If you would like to be a Mentor, click here to download an application form.

  • MHI will contact Mentors and confirm availability.

  • A match is made between the Mentor and Mentee.

  • MHI will send guidelines to both Mentor and Mentee for greater fruitfulness of the partnership.






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