What Every Professional Woman Should Know

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Conversations with Women Leaders

What Every Professional Woman Should Know
Friday, December 11, 2015
Do you want to be successful in your career? Besides having a good reputation and a willigness to work, there is another "secret" ingredient: learning from others who have traveled the road before you. This conference will give you the opportunity to hear from successful women in different professions about how they got to where they are now.

Holistic Care A Perspective on Human Dignity
Saturday, November 14, 2015
Each patient is not a room number or diagnosis, but a human being with aspirations, a family and looking for hope in the care we give.

If I Knew Then What I know Now...
Friday, November 6, 2015
Every professional goes through stages of leadership development as they progress in their career, learning from successes and mistakes made along the way.

Build Your Financial Home
September 18, 2015
More than ever, women want to take control over their finances. We are offering an opportunity to connect with other women just like you and learn more about planning for your financial future.

The Business of Relationships in Healthcare
May 23, 2015
Dr. Hillary Patuwo, Chief Resident of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Houston Methodist Hospital and St. Joseph's Hospital.
As medical providers, we have the privilege of caring for patients and their families at some of the most exciting and vulnerable times of their lives. Come learn how to acquire an ethical, professional and caring relationship as your most important business!

Imposter Syndrome
April 24, 2015
Jennifer Hoffman, Senior Manager-Quantitative Services at Ernst & Young
Have you ever felt like you didn?t fit in, or felt the fear of being discovered as not being up to the task in your professional life? Most people, even very successful people, have had a nagging doubt in their mind saying, ?Maybe I don?t know this as well as someone else. Maybe I don?t deserve my success.?

Building a Workplace Wardrobe
April 8, 2015
Debra Dekelbaum, a Merchandise Manager and model from Neiman Marcus
If you struggle with any of these questions:
- What does business casual mean for women?
- What should I wear to reflect the professional, ?promotable? image I want to present to my company?
- If I?m on a limited budget, what basics should I invest in to build my wardrobe?
- Do I have to wear a statement necklace?
- Are there certain ways to wear my hair that are more appropriate at the office than others?

Then this event is designed for you!

The Art of Failing
Mar 27, 2015
Marie-Pierre Stien, Director of Talent Acquisitions for Weinstein Spira & Co
The opposite of failure is not success but stagnation. By avoiding failure, we deprive ourselves of the experimentation that is crucial to personal and professional growth.

Brand Yourself for Success in the Global Economy -- Authentically, Effectively and Ethically
Nov 14, 2014
Janet H. Moore, JD, ACC, Global Executive Coach, International Business Consultant Rice University, Adjunct Professor
Some women struggle to promote themselves for professional success in today's global economy. Janet Moore will explore specific techniques for personal branding done with maximum effectiveness, but also with integrity.

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